Does happiness have a smell?

Could it be the scent of suntan lotion with its fragrance reminiscent of the sea breeze, sand clinging to the skin, and the warm sunshine? 
Or is the luscious sweetness of fig that evokes summer vacations and a grandmother’s garden?
It might also be the scent of freshly-cut grass, newly-sharpened pencils, or a lavender of other aromas that make up our personal olfactory vocabularies.
With this thought in mind and inspired by the world's scents, Bruce Spencer founded Good Life in 1965 in Auckland, New Zealand to bring beautifully natural, hand-crafted, bespoke fragrance into every home and not only.
So much has changed over the years – and yet so much has remained. We still source the finest fragrance materials from around the globe, carefully selecting natural botanicals and aroma compounds to ensure a long-lasting, nature-inspired scent.
After 30 years of experience, Good Life is a long-standing and trusted brand that provides bespoke fragrances and fragranced products to meet the ever-changing market.
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Highlights of our History


1960's early

Factory's Opening, in New Zealand


The original "Perfume Organ" in NZ



The perfumery as it was in the 70's



One multi-coloured Good life perfume sachet exhibit in Canterbury Museum



Bruce Spencer and his daughter Louise, testing and blending at the "Perfume Organ".


Good Life Perfume Sachet listed in EUROPEANA, Europe’s digital cultural heritage archives.


The Perfume Chalet, NZ



Louise Crouch, current Fragrance Director



The brand-new factory premises in Argolis, Greece


Get a Little Closer

Promising and refreshing hint of scent

And finally. What is perfume?

Perfume is a powerful tool to express our personality, build our self-image and engage with others. Fragrances, in fact, accompany us in everyday life and tell something about us, raising memories and feelings.
Over time, scents were not only confined to the sacred aspects but they were also introduced in daily hygiene. At the time of ancient Egypt, there was an intense trade of spices, aromas, and resins that were abundant in Egypt but also imported from distant lands such as the Middle East, Arabia, and the Indians. 
At the beginning of the 19th century, after the French Revolution, French society devoted itself to an unbridled luxury that made Paris a fashion international capital. Thanks to the trading's liberalization, a very profitable period of production of perfume began, loved by either the emperors or ordinary people.

When and how should I use a sachet ?

In your everyday life. Keep the sachet in your purse, with your linen, in your bathroom, in the kitchen, in your gym bag, under your pillow, in your letters or books, under the seat of your car, or in your closet to keep things smelling fresh...